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Defense | Stuck at Extraction Screen (Helene, Saturn)


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After going for 10 defense waves on Helene - Saturn, my group of 4 all quickly hit "extract." However, instead of extracting, the Lotus went from "leave now or keep fighting?" straight to "continue to defend!" after we all clicked "Extract." I'm fairly certain the Lotus said nothing until we all hit Extract. This is where I was stuck at that point (image was posted in imgur) :


As the description in the link to the imgur page says: notice how everyone wants to extract but the game went to wave 11 anyway, I'm dead (revive thing is behind the Meso B2 Relic reward), and the timer is stuck at 1. I couldn't even open any menus save the chat menu (via clicking, hotkey didn't work)... It was like this until the host left, then the rest of us could go to wave 15 and we managed to extract properly. My best guess is that this happened because everyone quickly hit "Extract" and lag or something made it so Warframe couldn't keep up and it assumed we wanted to go another round.

What should have happened is either we got to extract like we wanted to, or at least the timer wouldn't be stuck at 1 so the "extract or battle" screen would disappear and we wouldn't be forced to have the host leave in order to force things back to normal. If the host didn't leave, we would have had to either tab out and close Warframe or fail the mission. The defense target went from 20k+ HP to around 6k HP by the time we were able to self revive and continue the mission.

Is EE.log file sharing with DE still a thing? I made a copy of the file after closing the game right after the mission where the bug happened and can share it with the devs if I have proper instructions on how to send DE EE.log files (all I've seen so far are the several years old pinned posts in this forum, one of which says to send EE.log files via support even though the support page I saw said bug reports are supposed to be done in these forums and bug reporting via support is slower).

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