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Ember, Fire, Super Hot (Upgrade idea)


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I've posted the idea before but I'm trying to get the train rolling once again.  Now more than ever we're seeing the inevitable effects of power creep make other frames a bit obsolete.  Some may still have their place while others fall by the way side, but I've always been a bit like space mom.  I love all of them, even poor Wukong.  With that said here is the concise version of the overhaul idea to Ember.  A more detailed list can be found here.

Super Heat: Works on the idea that each Warframe utilizes not only elements to deal damage but that element is supplied and fueled by the void, which adds a small twist to the effects.  While this won't necessarily impact game play on sentients (Or will it?) it makes the current elemental play style of frames like Ember a bit more unique.

Super Heating is exclusive to Ember, she's the mistress of fire (though Chroma, being master of all elements might share some overlap I suppose).  It allows Ember to gain specific buffs and additions when she's wielding and being subjected to the flames, whether created by her own hand, or the environment.

The small adjustments I would propose are tiers of heat level, going up to perhaps 3 or four.  With 1 being the standard heat stack causing panic, the 2nd heat stack causing degradation in enemy accuracy, mobility, the third tier causing degradation of enemy armor, and the 4th being white hot combustion, spreading flames to nearby enemies at stage 1,2, or even 3 depending.  Giving Ember incentives to charge up her #1 (Which was a nice touch but ultimately not as fulfilling unfortunately) to increase the flame stacks onto the targets. 

Everything burns naturally and super heated enemies and damage will be converted to beneficial things for Ember.  I thought of making it more team inclusive, but ultimately, Ember's best contribution is burning things down, which in and of itself is helpful.  Enemies with less armor due to it melting and poorer accuracy is already a benefit to the team.  Those within the Fire Blast radius having their fire super heated, may still cause problems for team mates but will provide Ember with energy as when she's hit with super heated damage she takes less damage and gains energy. 

The theme is to synergize not only her abilities but the element itself with the theme of the Warframe.  When Ember is on fire she's vastly more dangerous and her ability to ignite not only enemies but the world around her would make any playing field advantageous to her, while giving her more reason to manage her energy due to the hottest fires burning the most fuel.  Energy management for Ember has to be more strategic and involved, since applying stacks of fire, with each ability playing its part will consume more and more energy, which I think makes a great deal of sense and could make her more fun.

With Accelerant I think making it the lynch pin ability to allow for more versatility would be fun.  Casting #2 means the next cast is half cost, and one tier higher on the chain toward getting that White Hot perk that can provide great benefits for Ember and by proxy her team.  White Hot targets (Or Super Heated at Max) do less damage, move slower, take more damage.   I would also like to suggest a variable to fire blast that somewhat mirrors the Madurai school, instead of Fireblast being a charged fireball that's actually quite difficult to guide, making it a beam of flame that cascades out and can be swept in an arc, or radius.  Just a thought.


As always please give me as much feed back, critique as possible!  Old posts have more details, and I'll be putting more into these as ideas come to me.

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