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Weapon(s) Idea mutating weapon


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Named Mutagenics Vx-xxxx (very maybe to complex) before reading further as a warning.


Idea Type of infested weapon.

Weapon based on set rpg style game-play Mastery rank 16.

All stats and description are subjective to change.

After selecting weapon a prompted will come up asking witch one of the 6 variant will you start with Rifle, Shotgun, Bow, Explosive, Sniper, Beam.

You will after that be prompted with a window asking Firing type for weapon selected (Auto, semi-auto, burst, charge, Held) and (hit-scan or projectile).

One selected item will be added to inventory after item will have 2 level bars first is affinity 2ed is item mutation level witch increases per kill with the weapon.

Item to level 1 will prompted you to use 10 points to upgrade the base stats of your weapon level 4 is max you level by getting kills with that weapon and that weapon only level 1 500 kills level 2 1000 kills level 3 2000 level 4 4000.

Each point in (critical chance by 2) (critical multiplier by 0.2) (Damage 20% (based of base damage) (Status chance by 2) (Flight-speed/drop off if applied, by 15%)(Fire-rate by 1.0) (magazine size 10%) (reload time -0.3) Burst weapons can add an extra round to the burst for 2 points) (shotguns + 1 projectile per 2 points).

Can add a base elemental type for 5 or remove a base damage type for 3 after level 4 you unlock 5 challenges for the weapon each giving you 1 point so in total 45 points to spend similar challenges as riven but have to use the weapon.

Each level allows to pick new fire type (Auto, semi-auto, charge, Held) hit scan or projectile, will always be hit scan or projectile, and can pick type of projectile From a list lets say Spikes like boltor spikes, small skulls, vay hek heads, lasers, or energy colored balls saw blades ect...

Hears the complex part.

Depending what you first picked you can add a Mutation each level witch effects the way the weapon functions can only select 1 every 2 levels if wanted.

Every rifle Mutation increases mag size by 50% and fire-rate my 20% (but decreased damage by 20% from base).

Every shotgun Mutation will add status chance by 5 and damage buy 40% (but decreases magazince by 70% and increases reload time by 0.6).

Every Bow Mutation with add 5% critical chance and increase flight speed (but decerase status chance by 5 and firerate by 20%).

Every explosive Mutation will add a aoe effect of 2m increases my 1m per likeness (but decreases crit chance and multiplier by 10% rounding up) and adding self harm.

Every sniper Mutation will increase damage by 100% but (reduce fire-rate by 30% critical chance and multiplier and status by 10).

Every Beam Mutation Adds a auto-targeting system where up to 2 enemy's are hit +1 per level of this likeness (but decreases damage by 60% and add max damage range of 30m effected my flight-speed/drop off).

Name Break down

Vx Rifle is 1 shotgun is 2 bow is 3 explosive is 4 sniper is 5 beam is 6

XXXX correlated to Mutation so A rifle with Rifle, none, explosive, sniper Mutation would be Mutagenics V1-1045

Base stats per type

Rifle damage 12 Crit-chance 10 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 10% Fire-rate magazine size 30 reload time 3

Shotgun damage 100 Crit-chance 10 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 10% Fire-rate 0.6 magazine size 6 reload time 4 fall-off 20-30m projectile count 5

Bow damage 80 Crit-chance 10 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 10% Fire-rate 1.5 magazine size 1 reload time 1.2 flight speed 10m per sec

Explosive damage 70 Crit-chance 5 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 5% Fire-rate 1 magazine size 3 reload time 3 range 5m

Sniper damage 100 Crit-chance 15 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 5% Fire-rate 1 magazine size 5 reload time 4 fall-off 400-600

Beam damage 14 Crit-chance 10 crit-multiplier 1.0 Status-chance 12% Fire-rate 8 magazine size 50 reload time 3 range 20m

projectile base weapons have +2 critchance and hitscan have +2 status chance based

IPS per weapon is TBD

Visuals Can be crafted to look like any infested weapon in game that's not melee if the bp is used in crafting.

How to get Bp for weapon Rare golden infested x2 larger then normal can spawn on any infested map has x5 the hp and level +60 to 100 base on highest level enemy in the mission with a 3% change of spawning per mission or 3% every 5 waves 2 successful excavation or 5 min survive

For example 1 hour survival with base enemy levels 80s can spawn from level 140-160 with x5 the heath he normally would be

Bp for weapon and Bp for visual 6k kuva 10 mutagen mass.


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