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Revenants unfriendly fire


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So, while I was filling the star chart, I was playing defense againts infested with revenant. I enthralled a couple of them and they barely moved, just sat there and swong occasionally. So I decided to just kill them quickly and get some space away from the defense pod (I was sitting on top of it just watching) and with my phantasma, I accidently blew myself up (knowing I needed distance but it didnt cross my mind at the time) and I died, leaving the pillars of energy right next to the pod where my enthralled babies were. But then the little blasts of energy that come out of it, started attacking the pod! In barrages and all with no infested around it, and it destroyed the pod extremely quickly and ended the mission. Not sure if this is known or not but in higher levels with infested this can be frustrating and a bit unfair. The way the bug goes is, if you kill and enthralled enemy, and blow yourself up (I used the phantasma) the pillar will actually attack the pod. Every time I do this method I end up damaging the pod quite a bit, more so with many enthralled. 

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