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Rivens (Dual Cleavers, Synapse, Serro, Magistar, Dark Sword, Bo, Hate, Plague Keewar, Panthera, Bolto)

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11 hours ago, Vuli said:

Hey man, your link is incomplete, as is it leads to the user's profile not your profile.

Hey thanks for that, the site is still unfinished so was hoping it'd show my list of rivens on the market through my profile instead. Never mind 🙂 highly doubt I'm going to sell any of these to be honest as my area of the world is pretty quiet player-wise anyway. Some of them give decent endo I've noticed so might just do that? This portion of mods seems so broken to me and the only portion of the game that has genuinely made me dislike the game, why do I have to pay for more space for mods that are 99% junk? 

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