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Pride Frame Concept


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 Warframe: Pride (Name may be subject to change)

The pretentious Warframe using others to achieve certain victory.

Passive:Credits has 100% chance to double when picked up

First ability: Scorn

 The player launches upward knocking down near by enemies turning some of their health into health packs

(Robots release energy for their shields)

Second ability: Arrogant

Attracts all fire to player and forces enemies weapons to switch to melee while ability is in use

Third Ability: Latch

 Player posses an enemy forcing them to give health to tenno and can be pared up with Pride to make the enemy a target

Fourth Ability:Fragile

The number of enemies and allies around nemisis increases the damage and speed he has, but decreases shield over time for each enemy in the area

Max Level Stats

Shield: 250

Health: 250

Energy: 175

Armor: 65

Speed: 1.00


No concept art,but if popular enough I will attempt in making some.

Feedback of any sorts is well appreciated.

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17 minutes ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

Who else remembers the nightmare of micromanaging a white bar on the bottom of the screen xD

I wish more devs would wise up like DE did and remove that nonsense mechanic from gaming once and for all.  

I rather they remove the blue bar called Energy and let us cast powers using the Stamina bar, just saying...

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13 hours ago, kgabor said:

Sounds like it's inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist.

Or at least the flavor text does.




Spoiler: I guess eating your teammates for self buffs would be too much. :^)

oh shoot i didnt know there was aothern anime about the 7 deadly sins... gonna be gone for couple of weeks. Also it only works on enemies

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