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Game thinks I have an apothic equipped


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Doing the Titania quest, I was initially unable to equip the second apothic, as I kept getting an error saying that I still have the first apothic equipped. Because of the bug preventing equipping gear with a controller, the steps I followed to get to this point were:

1. Restart with controller unplugged and use mouse to equip 1st apothic.

2. Restart game with the controller plugged in and did the quest. The apothic no longer shows up in my inventory after I used the only one I had.

3. Do a bunch of farming to make the second apothic.

4. Restart the game with the controller unplugged to attempt to equip the second apothic.

I also attempted going to the slot where I had equipped the apothic before and selecting "None", but still got the error when trying to equip the second one.

After restarting the game and trying again, I was finally able to equip the second apothic, though.

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