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Arbitration Survival Life Support and Enemy Spawn Rates are Bugged


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I'm sure others have mentioned, but it seems that the spawn rates of life support and enemies (who drop life support) Arbitration Survivals are bugged, leading to impossible missions.

I've attached a screen cap of the mission end screen for such a mission, with all four players alive.  The mission became impossible to complete due to poor spawn rates rather than player failure.

DE, please address this issue, as it almost seemed like the mission was intentionally wasting the time of players by preventing participation in the mission, and cutting off the chance of a reward at 27 seconds before the 40min drop.  It's not like we even wanted to stop at 40min; it's just that the mission wouldn't give us what we needed to continue.  We actually lasted PAST 40min before extracting, however apparently the mission doesn't count anything after life support ends...which is doubly obnoxious.

This kind of mission design is discouraging to players and not fun.  This isn't a matter of "git gud," as every player was actively contributing.  This is a matter of spawn rates.  A simple increase in enemy and / or life support spawn rates would be a major help in making this game mode fun.

I'm guessing that this is not how the mission is meant to behave, and that this is a carryover from non-arbitration survival's code when it was built into the higher level mode.

Anyway, thank you for looking at this matter, and I look forward from additional feedback from the community as well,.

Screen Capture: 


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I have experienced the exact same on Arbitration Survival. Even bringing a Nekros does not seem to help. Every single mission whether we were all grouped into one room or separated it was a trickle of like 1-4 enemies at a time. You can't even keep a melee combo multiplier up no matter how hard you try. I have never been able to get past 40min. In its current state, Arbitration Survival is really boring. I actually stopped in a hallway, went to the restroom, and grabbed something to eat. When I came back there was 1 enemy just making its way to me.

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