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Daily log in screen,love it,can we have more?


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First,I'm going to apologize if this' already the case,so far I haven't noticed .
Anyhow,I love how every day,familiar face,be it Darvo,Ordis,Simaris or...well,I've only gotten these,greets you while giving you your daily goodies to start your murderous adventures through the Orokin system...Thing is,why not add more,such as various bosses or,well,Clem to spice things up a little bit.
For instance,add a small chance after day 50 for,I dunno,Vor to appear and say "Strength to the grineer!" or perhaps Tyl Regor with his "I'm very excited now,the anticipation...." for the sake of a small "taunt" ...That could already be the case,so I'd be glad if someone can confirm (or deny) you can be greeted by more than just Darvo,Ordis and Simaris...and I imagine Lotus.
Thanks for reading ❤️

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