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I bought the most expensive prime access pack which includes prime accessories but dont have any prime accessories


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I know this is VERY late but i bought hydroid prime access pack a while back, the most expensive one that includes the prime accessories, but i left warframe for a bit, i came back and forgot i bought it. Then after i while i realized that i dont have any of the prime accessories that i paid extra money for, i got the 90 day affinity and credit boosters, but i dont have any of the exclusive prime accessories that i paid extra money for, is this a bug, or do you lose the accessories after a while or something, well you don't, i know that so it is a bug, please help. You cant get these items anymore and i payed good money for them.

Hydroid Prime Access Effigy pack? Thats what the chroma primes most expensive pack is at the moment. Please help me DE. I payed extra for something and didn't get it.

I also know this is VERY late but still, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be fixed.

Thank you

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