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The Index: Flying Brokers


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Jad Teran kept taking to the air during my latest John Prodman low index solo attempt with Invite Only on. He would generally just levitate in place whenever this happened. Otherwise, in many ways, Teran acted as if he was on the ground. I could knock him down (only to fall on his butt while in the air), and when he caught on fire, I did the finisher where I grab him and roll around on the "floor" (again, mid-air).

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jad isn't the only one affected
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Today, in another low risk index attempt, I got a bigger version of this problem. This time, more brokers were levitating. Here, you can see Ved Xol levitating with Jad Teran.


In the case of Valkyr, this bug was mostly amusing. However, in this John Prodman attempt, I was using Ash with Covert Lethality teleportation. Ash was unable to deliver finishers to the flying brokers, and since this was extremely common, it cost me the entire run. A difference between this and the last attempt is that this takes place on the open arena while the last one was in the hallway; not sure if that has much to do with it.

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