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Ammo Mutation Mod


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So, I think that ammo mutation mod that was introduced in an event is a bit overpowered...

I mean there are countless times when I ran out of ammo, but this mod made it capable for people

to spam their bullets from weapons that are better than the other.


Pistol ammo mutation + full modded despair can solo most things.


I understand that it is a privilege for people who play early.

but really? comparing to equilibrium or such.... 


besides, the amount of unpickable ammo in the ground is really a performance problem for some people...


I'm just asking when it will be released again... like please :P

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Yeah, cosmetics (really cool ones) I understand if it is limited..

gameplay affected features should rather be balanced even through events.

Maybe a little power - up is fine such as equilibrium, because you rarely pick up health globes anyway most of the time.

it does help with mana and by how much? not really...

its really helpful only for nightmare modes which some are easy without anyways.


but the usefulness of the ammo mutation mod is like more than $200 value by itself.

it allows spamming of a specific type weapon, to solo most levels and use one maxed out weapon to level up others.

while some of us can't really do because we would run out of ammo.




on another (slightly related) topic, they really should consider not dropping ammunition that we can't pick up.

it really lags the game out especially on modes such as survival. But of course that negates ammo mutation mod...




but by all means, I do hope they release it again, even as a purchasable item or something...

the effectiveness really helps a lot when doing defense missions...

I have this small feeling of not wanting to play anymore everytime I see my friend use the mod because of how strong it is.

even though I probably won't stop in the near future. if I ever do though, thats one reason....

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As far as i know, the ammo mutation mods are supposed to come back.  they were just introduced during an event. they'll probably come out within the next few patches.  the last 3 mods from corpus are already available in nightmare mode so it shouldn't be to far off

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