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Plains of eidolon is STILL BUGGED


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Hi Warframe,


I'm here to report some bugs that I keep finding in the plains of eidolon since 5 months, I read that you said that you guys fixed something but you probably forget to imply it or i don't know what's going on.

Here is the list

Vomits Not spawning in the plains of eidolon in the first 4 minutes. They are just AFK in the void or something??

Vomits Flying in the AIR..yes in the air on flat ground and next to the EIDOLONS HEAD. They somehow got wings and need to kiss the cheek of the eidolon??

Vomits going UNDERGROUND..yea there are small rock formations where they still go under and hide like little caveman

Warframe's going full handicap (in game) Cant use abilities cant pick up someone else. Its like limbo just pressed charges on them by sending them into the void for no reason until they JUMP IN THE WATER. GET KILLED BY WHATEVER???

Warfame's somehow gets knocked down for no reason while you're away from the dmg source from the eidolon. You just get dmged or knock out or knocked down. Invisible damage that we can't see anymore ???

Operator's focus school unairu buff (wisps) not spawning in because the eidolon got stuck between the rock formations and the buff dont know where to spawn them in or something? Clueless ??

Operator's experiencing dmg from the eidolon for no reason while youre standing away from the dmg source of the eidolon. invisible damage ???????

Pets like adarza will keep attacking him for no reason even if youre standing far away from the eidolon. They keep dying for no reason while they are away from the eidolon. Buffs not working correctly too.

Eidolon 1 : Works until he get stucked in a rock formation. he will just chill there for no reason, he will move when you hit his arm or knee and bump him to the sides. im not sure if when he gets stuck we get invisible vomits ?? because somehow our sniper dmg get halved for no reason while all the vomits around are dead. Does invisible dmg i can't explain this because its his aura or something while youre standing atleast 12 meter away? i dont know whats going on.

Eidolon 2. Works until he gets stuck in a rock formation. He just sits there doing nothing. same as the first one. Some dmg is invisible. Vomits are random everywhere on weird hights also

Eidolon 3. Works until he gets stuck in a rock formation. He just sits there doing nothing. same as the first one.Some dmg is invisible. Vomits are random everywhere on weird hights. Does invislbe dmg

The green stuff on the ground spawns in and out on a weird height....sometimes its on the ground the other time its as high as my warframe . Does invisible dmg 

Sorry for my bad english. Im not from those countries that speaks it.

Have a great day Warframe.

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