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my game mode idea


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Attention bad grammar inc. Lets expand Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna with survival mode with the difference being that you are in a circle/arena type mode without life support, if you leave the circle you die instant, so you need to look where you stand. It  have bosses who comes  after every 5 min wen you kill him you get a random buff just like in the relics farm but there is a catch you get a time limit for killing him to get the buffs if you fail you can still play and wait for another chance . Lets put a tier list on the missions like tier 1 were  enemies are 1 to 10 and tier 4 60 to 70 with scaling of course, and the fifth tier 85+ with a different reward pool like eidolon gems Nitain extracts and relics with the rewards scaling but there is a small note,   to play tier 5 you need to play tier 4 and being in it for at least an hour unlock it. That is my idea feel free to like/dislike  if you have any ideas for expanding or changing put in the comments down bellow  thx  in advance and have a good one.
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