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Eidolon shards in events


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1 hour ago, spirit_of_76 said:

are you unable to play solo on the plains?

If you can play the plains solo use Oberon with him you can solo terry and farm the shards that way.  

If you cant Play the plains solo at all then there is not anything that can be done.  

You don't need Oberon to solo Terry if you have a good weapon and a good amp. The lures don't usually take significant levels of damage from Terry's attacks in my experience. 

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24 minutes ago, (PS4)EpICFreeDoMZz said:

You can already get shards off of the plains. Sanctuary onslaught. Yes they're crap but its another way

Eso shards are Chinese materials. They are fake and for sure you can't use them for craft purpose just for a puny little focus reward. 


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