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Hydraulic Crosshairs/Sharpened Bullets don't appear in Dex Pixia's Mod Selection


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I've been trying to mod Titania's Dex Pixia for max DPS, and wanted to try out H.C. and S.B.

It's not in the mod selection, even though it seems it should be. All other Acolyte pistol mods appear in the selection, such as Pressurized Magazine, Targeting Subsystem, and Embedded Catalyzer. The wiki explicitly states Acolyte mods work on it, even listing Sharpened Bullets as an example.

It's almost as if DE shadowbanned the Acolyte pistol crit mods... Is this happening with anyone else? If so, post?

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Link to screenshot of Acolyte Mods being equipped: https://imgur.com/rGjr9Aw

If this can be done with the other mods, either the fact that Hydraulic Crosshairs/Sharpened Bullets can't be equipped is either a bug or a shadowban on what can be put on the Dex Pixia. I'm hoping this is a bug, or specific to me in some way. If you have these mods and Titania and can reproduce the bug, feel free to post.

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