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(Warframe Concept) Noropax: The dancing ribbon of nerves


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I can feel the life running through your body. I can feel the bursts with every movement. You will dance with me, and then you will be free. There are no 'or's.

Concept: Noropax weaves his micrometer-thin fibers into the bodies of his enemies. Despite their thinness, his dances can display their color at just the right angle. Many have been 'entranced' by his dances, going so far as to fight 'for' him and attack their former allies. Unfortunately, the fibers are not properly made, and so will dissolve within the tissue of the affected and be flushed from the body.

Design: Noropax stands on the tips of his toes, keeping the left foot forward and the other crossed behind. His arms are outstretched front and back, and he waves his thin fingers up and down slowly. His body is extremely thin, granting him improved flexibility and speed. His head is a narrow, forward-pointing helmet with no eyes. Instead, the area for facial organs is a smooth, polished surface, and at the end of the head there lifts an assortment of metal pulled and straightened to resemble a giant brush of feathers. Across his breast starts a long feather ribbon wrapping around his whole body to end over the left knee. The right leg is covered in fluttering, tiny feathers made from infestation pushing through the warframe chassis. His collarbone has grown upwards, turning into a flexible outgrowth imitating rubber. His arms, legs, and hands are thin, creating the false appearance of delicateness. As such, his fingers are slim and long and give the impression of possessing nails.

Idle Animation: Noropax waves his fingers, letting the ribbons flow out from the tip of his fingers. He slowly and carefully spins in place, letting the ribbons flow through the air before they dissolve on their own, then returns to standard stance.


Shields 150 (350 max)

Health: 200 (400 max)

Armor 10

Speed 1.25


Passive: Ribbon Spine: Noropax's jumping and dodging abilities are much faster, as are his recovery abilities. He is capable of dodging and rolling 30% faster than any other warframe and can jump back onto his feet 50% faster when knocked down. However, because he's lighter, he can be knocked 20% further.


1. Stunning Display: Noropax spreads a multitude of strings from his fingers, turning them into a sheet that dazzles foes 2/2/3/4 meters away from him and stuns them for 5 seconds whilst creating a temporary armor decrease for 100 points for 7 seconds. The affected will immediately resume attacking if struck during the stun.

2. Inspiring Movement: Noropax drops to the floor, legs and arms spread around his body. He spins back up into a pin stance on the tip of his toes. The colors and movement of his ribbons inspires friend and foe alike to fight harder. However, while warframes and other allies gain a 10/12/14/15% boost to accuracy and 10% (all levels) to damage, enemies gain a 20/22/24/26% debuff to accuracy and a 10% chance to trip after being dazzled by the spinning colors. All for 5/6/7/8 seconds.

3. Pensive Requiem: Noropax dances in downwards motions. The energies of grief affect the enemies ''by way of the ribbons penetrating their bodies and overactivating their nerves) around for 3/3/4/5 meters, knocking them down for two seconds and lowering their fire rate by 30% for 2/3/3/4 seconds (after they've gotten up. If impossible, add two seconds or more depending on the shooting animation), preventing any grappling attacks, and for melee-based enemies slowing them down instead by 30% for the same values. Ranged-based can still move at regular speeds.

4. Magnum Opus: Noropax takes several steps forward, moving his arms left and right, then he stomps his legs to the side and claps his hands, creating a small orb of light, indicating the ribbons shooting out towards 10/12/15/17 enemies in a 2/3/4/4 meter range. They're put under Noropax's control for 8/10/13/16 seconds. If the affected are killed before the effect dissipates, the ribbon infiltrates any enemies surrounding them in a two meter radius. If no enemies are around, it will float about for three seconds then dissipate. Affected take 100 points of damage every second for the duration of the skill. It cannot be improved.

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