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Sedna Redesign to be entirely coliseum/Arena themed


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there are still a few planets without their own unique theme. with Sedna being one of these planets, i brainstormed what the planet could be like with its own theme, specifically one that is more arena or coliseum-like.

Kela De Thaym rules this planet and turned part of it into a source of entertainment, so what if the entire planet was updated to represent just how much influence she has?

Im imagining the tilesets only consisting of large open areas with maze-like corridors. the corridors would lead downward to an underground catacomb with prison cells as well as weapon storage and then leading upward at the end to a much larger tile.

normal grunts would have basic recolors. the more unique enemies would be Kela's executioners that spawn one at a time, much like how grineer maniacs work with kela announcing that one of her executioners have entered the battle. it would also be cool if they released different animals and creatures like feral kubrows and kavats.

i just think Sedna as a high-level planet is a little underdeveloped and like i said has the potential to have a unique theme.

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