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Osteron Standing Bug


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Ok, so first i have been donating fish and doing bounties for NO reason at all when i realized that my standing is literally not going anywhere so all my resources and time have just been wasted because their is a bug that has not been fixed. My Osteron standing stays a 39,320/44,000 and i cant rank up to trusted, what do you suppose i do to fix this problem despite the fact that i have wasted a whole bunch of Murkray fish trying to rank up that have now been sent to the shadow realm and my time doing Bounties is wasted aswell?

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I would recommend waiting until the daily reset (1.5 hours from now) and trying again. You have a daily cap you cannot exceed, so that might be the issue. 


If you you can provide a screenshot of your Syndicate page in the profile, that might help.

Edit 1:

Figured I would just find it myself. You have no Ostron standing remaining today.


Edit 2: was curious so checked after reset. Gone up one tier and standing was regained. 

  • "User ignorance" is not a bug.
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