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Question On The Live Stream


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So I worked last night, and slept most of today. I am pretty miffed I lost my chance at another vauban part, but I

ll eventually get it,,,just gotta wait. Beside the point. Does anyone either have a CC of the live stream, or if not, did they talk about trading yet?


Simple yes, and what did they say, or no.


Or the live stream chat logs.


Please and Thanks

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sweet, thanks. Hoping they do trading soon. I have like 6mil parts for frames I dont want, and I could trade them for frame bp and parts I DO want.

You can watch any stream and any time at their youtube channel. They said trading will take a backseat because of all the concerns it brings and everything that has to be done before it. So if it does come, it will not be any time soon and will probably not work in the way you want. 

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