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Dojo Decoration Resource costs


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Hi there,

I was wondering if there could be some rebalances to resource costs to decorations that have a polymer requirement. As of right now, certain decorations that have a largely repeatable nature such as small stones have a 20k polymer cost (for moon clans). I made a squad with some of my clanmates and we gathered about 40k polymer in 30 minutes (no boosters), meaning our squad only gathered enough polymer for 2 decorations.

I had an intention of making a small campfire, and was alarmed by the fact it would cost me ~300k polymer between the stones and branches (branches of the type I was going to use costs 30k polymer each).

Relative to other resource costs, these small stones also cost 7 control modules. After donating ~3k to my clans resource vault, I sitll have enough to make 100 of these small stones. My clan vault has enough to make 2k of them. I feel polymer costs are disproportionately heavy. 

If a rebalance were to occur and the cost lowered, the difference in resources could simply be sent to said clans vault for future use. 

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Well, i have read somewhere that after the Devs saw what things are done in the Dojos,

they consider decorating Dojos a good ressource sink (something some players seem to have actually asked for).


Problem on this, in Dojos you mostly run out of the same ressources you dont have too much of in normal game (plastids, polymer, oxium)

In particular, i find it really weird that you need as much plastids as you need polymer on most decorations, while plastids drop-quantities are much lower.


Imo, they should also rework the decoration-capacity costs a bit. They dont make sense anymore.

Many of the old decorations cost 2 or 3 capacity, even if its just a normal block like a wooden totem/bridge, the stone-lantern and so on.

Many of the new decorations are much more complex in design and size and are sometimes even animated (waterfall) but cost only 1 capacity.

So basically what i would suggest is, make everything cost 1 capacity, and make the effects cost 10-20.

Btw, the old (worse looking) fire costs 20 capacity, while the new (better looking) fires cost 2 capacity.

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So that why some guy in our alliance keeps farming Uranus at MR 25. Being in a bigger clan does have disadvantages, especially if a lot of your members don't contribute.

So should they lower the polymer and plastid costs? Or increase other costs? I say increase because it's the same logic as with pigments and research: the bigger the clan, the more contributors there are.

I've kept my clan shadow for a few months, gonna expand to storm only after doing all except the easiest pigments. I even gave one guy decoration rights after he contributed 20k oxium when we needed it, before oxium osprey spawn was upped. You might wanna do something like that too to incentivise your people. And maybe downsize the clan if it's just you and a few clanmates out of moon clan farming all the stuff.

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