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60 Min Arbitration Survival no rewards


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After 60 min of survival 2 out of 3 teammate including me didn't get any reward even though we survived and extracted safely.

Apparently the host initially set his mode as 'Invite Only' but somehow we joined him, BUT he is not the real host. He became host after a few host migrations here and there.(Conversation pic included)

Might wanna check out on this? 60 min is quite a long time and this shouldn't be happening.

My reward table pic and the host reward table pic also included courtesy of him.

pic 1: Conversation about hosts / pic 2:my reward table / pic 3 :host reward table



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There's something wrong with arbitrations I think. Earlier today at 50 minutes my group failed the mission eventhough we still had life support and only two people out of three remaining were visible on the results screen third guy I couldn't talk to probably didn't get anything.

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