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Time Investment versus gain; fun?


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So I spent well over an hour in the plains of Eidolon tracking down critters to impale with a spear to unlock a riven.  There are guides of course, there are travel paths you can take to really maximize your task.

For people that have time, sure it's not an issue to really.  For those with a little amount of time I guess you go meta and somehow make quick work about the task.   I say 'somehow' because between the aggro radius of the creatures in question (kauka/condroc) their ability to burrow, or venture beyond the barrier where you can't target them as well.  Condrocs flying off makes it nearly impossible to spear them.  You're forced to use very specific frames ( I tend to use Ivara to sleep and then pluck them off). 

This is not fun.  Warframe is a fast paced game and while there should be some requirement to unlock Rivens (I suppose but I wonder how) the idea of accomplishing something (ten head shots while aim gliding is actually entertaining) spearing things, is... not so fun.  Most of the plains requirements are terribly anti-fun. Even so this is just an opinion and what I would question is whether this is a wise investment of time for the player.  Especially when you invest this time to do this very very mundane and annoying task.  Only to be rewarded with something absolutely horrible (My riven was for Bronco... I screamed a bit deep in my soul)


I tracked down several groups that were promptly destroyed by a wandering Grineer horde that spotted me before I was over the horizon.  I slept 3 condrocs only for a Balor to show up and I KID YOU NOT, unleash fire on me, hitting all three of the condrocs.  This naturally made me want to destroy the planet with my mental rage.  So DE please, let's reconsider the requirements.  Either Rivens need to be rarer with tasks that are actually skill based, engaging, or the animals need to be given some Spanish fly.  There aren't enough of them, and everything is out to get them.

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