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Melee Attacks Won't Let You Sprint?


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I've tried looking it up, and it seems to be an old problem.

if you need details, Usually melee attacks at least let you continuously slide forward while attacking and sprinting. for whatever reason, my forward movement just suddenly stops and using melee while sprinting is no different than using melee without sprinting.

this seems to be an old problem, and i can't find anyone talking about it.it seems to have come with the chimera patch. i'm not sure if it's a common problem that no one is talking about or a VERY, VERY Rare occurrence. 

whatever it is, Please help. this makes my staff Zaw Literally unusable since the forward combo on flailing branch for some reason Stops you dead in your tracks. and my Heavy Blade Zaw Not as fun as it used to be be because getting to enemies is much slower.


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