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Ivara navigator cancels for no reason


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I've noticed sometimes when I throw my glaive with ivara's navigator that it will just cancel for no apparent reason. I still have energy, in fact I still have like 200+ energy left. Glaive is just flying in mid air, not hitting anything, but it will just cancel out of the ability.

Am I missing some hidden part of this ability?

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Yeah it's the falcor, the homing system works really well when it works. When it doesn't work you can throw it straight through an enemy and it won't register a hit.

I'm more bugged about the navigator not working though. Forcibly kicks me out of it after about 5-7 seconds.

Edit 1: Nvm I counted, exactly 10 seconds.

Edit 2: Does not happen in simulacrum. I can control indefinitely if I stand on energy pads, and it only disengages when I completely run out of energy if I don't stand on energy pads.

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