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New sentient enemies

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Sectolyst: Failed Sentient Anticounter


Ancolyst: This sentient is covered in sharp thorns that it will pull out to use as either lances or projectiles. If it takes enough damage, it will explode, showering enemy and ally alike with puncture-causing status procs. Unlike most sentients, Ancolyst's body is a solid mass with no hollowed areas, but is otherwise identical to the first sentients. Its voice is an aggressive, hyper-active song that turns into a brief, high-pitched scream when it self-destructs.

Cancorlyst: Its left arm is a large cannon from which it sprays an acidic compound upon those it deems as a threat. The compounds are kept in an armor cylinder built into its back, giving it a greenish glow. As the left arm as near the size of the sentient itself, Cancorlyst's right arm has been redesigned as a single heavy block of metal it keeps behind itself outstretched. If an enemy approaches too closely, it will alternate the positions of its arms to bash the threat away with its right arm. It possesses four 'head' extension, with the longest two pointing forwards and backwards. The last two are built upon the tank on its back. Its song is a soft, honeyed tune which I likes to make when it let's loose its acidic 'bile'.

Byvalyst: A newer design, the Byvalyst's body is a giant gyro, and its arms are axes. It attacks by missing with the senses of its enemies, causing them to lose balance and become confused. All directions are switched incessantly while Byvalyst is unaffected, allowing it to easily kill its target. Its song is an assortment of noise that fades in and out at a consistent interval. However, due to its newer, untested design, its disorienting abilities don't last very long.





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