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Conclave need a retouch


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Hello! Care to elaborate further on what you're talking about? I mean:

36 minutes ago, DeZaVoo said:

I belive conclave need a fully retouch and focus a bit more in pvp.

Conclave is the PvP side of the game, so i'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

36 minutes ago, DeZaVoo said:

like the damage and health,armor,shield need a balance change.

Could you explain what kind of change you think is needed? Not sure if you're talking about normalizing stats, buffing effective health points (EHP), reducing ehp, doing changes all across the board or tweaking some frames in a case by case scenario (and which ones could use what changes if it's the latter).


 rebalance the stats and give a life for PVP part.

Stats are already rebalanced when you compare conclave stats to those used in PvE, so more details about this point would be appreciated in order to generate some discussion.

19 minutes ago, LunaSelenis said:

The problem with conclave aren't stats. Its the fact that it basically becomes a jumping simulator which isn't very fun.

Imo, the biggest issue is how pvp relies in making deep use of everything players are allowed to easily bypass in pve, so players coming unprepared to conclave and gameplay feeling like it's a whole new game regardless of your pve experience is mostly a fault of how PvE is designed to follow a model focused on progression by numbers (get better stuff to beat tougher enemies), while conclave encourages making actual use of mechanical skills and warframe's core mechanics instead (Learn the game and improve yourself to beat better players).

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