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Unity - Amalgamation Warframe Concept


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Amalgamation: The power to form a mixture of existing creations.

There is no definitive appearance for this Warframe yet, so for the concept sketches I have used a template of Nyx. 



Unity has an additional life depending on if he is merged with another unit. If he dies while merged, the ability cancels and the unit dies instead of Unity.


Transform into one of two elements – Fire or Ice. These rotate in a similar manner to Ivara's Quiver ability. Fire explodes in a large radius and deals damage over time to nearby enemies. Ice freezes nearby enemies in a large radius and immobilises them. For each of the elements, there is a 5 second period of time to build up damage dealt by attacking enemies with balls of ice and fire respectively.


Fuse yourself with an enemy. Gain an appearance change based on the enemy fused. You gain their weapon damage as damage added to your own weapons, as well as shields, health and armour added to your own. If the enemy unit has an ability, you gain that as well. For example, fusing with a Corpus Tech would give you the ability to summon a Shield Osprey for you and your team. This can occur by pressing the skill button again. The special ability can only be used once per fuse.

When the duration expires, the enemy unit will take 50% of all damage dealt to you while the ability was active. This will normally kill them.


Corpus Tech: Summon a Shield Osprey to provide shields for you and your team.

Ancient Healer: Pulse heals 25 health every 5 seconds for you and nearby allies for the duration of the ability.

Hyekka Master: Summon 4 Hyekkas to fight by your side.


Unity can merge with more than one unit to become even stronger.


Combine a maximum of three enemies to create a titan that fight by your side. If there are more than three enemies in the casting area, three enemies will be selected at random to create a titan. The titan attacks enemy units and draws aggro. It will only use melee attacks. If no melee units were combined (e.g. a Grineer Butcher), the titan will swipe at enemies with its fist. There is also a chance for the titan to slam the ground with both fists, causing a shockwave that knocks down and damages nearby enemies. Upon expiry, the titan will explode, dealing AOE damage.


The titan can now perform ranged attacks depending on units that were merged, and up to 5 enemies can now be combined.


Fuse with a kubrow/ kavat/ Helminth Charger. This depends on the faction you are fighting. Grineer= Kubrow, Corpus = Kavat, and Infested = Helminth Charger. If you are fighting two or more different factions, e.g. Corrupted (which consists of multiple factions) or Crossfire, one will be selected at random. If there is more than one breed of the beast, one will be chosen at random.

You gain all the abilities of the companion, plus additional armour, health and shields. Sprinting while the ability is active will cause Unity to run on all fours, which is 50% faster than normal sprint speed. Primary and Secondary weapons cannot be used while the ability is active, though their damage is added. Other abilities can also not be used, unless already active (e.g. if a titan is already active, it will stay for the remaining duration as normal). If Unity has previously combined with an enemy unit, the ability will cancel but the enemy unit will fight at your side for the remainder of the duration.


Charge using Right- Click. This knocks down the enemy

Attack using E. There is a chance for one of the breed's abilities to activate (e.g. Neutralise may activate while attacking an enemy). Either when the ability key is held down or when it runs out of duration, other kubrows will attack and knock down nearby enemies.


Cloak using Right-Click. This hides you from enemies and increases movement speed by 50%.

Attack using E. Possess the qualities of your currently equipped melee weapon, with 100% critical chance and a 40% chance to reflect damage. Either when the ability key is held down or when it runs out of duration, kavats will spawn and invisibly attack enemies.



Trample using Right- Click. This deals damage to all enemies in its path.

Attack using E. Pressing E when no enemies are nearby will shoot a proboscis which drags an enemy toward you if one is in range. Either when the ability key is held down or when it runs out of duration, all enemies will receive a toxin status effect and take damage over time


Also, when the duration runs out for each of the companions, there is a chance that the respective companion will stay and fight by your side for 15 seconds.


You can now merge with your companion by holding the skill key. You gain the effects of all their mods added to your own health/ shields/ armour/ bleedout timer etc. However, if you die in this state, your companion dies for the remainder of the mission with no opportunity to be revived.

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