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Arbitration revival and mission fail for no reason


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The arbitration mission I just had end, out of the blue, Infestation Survival, had 4 people at start; 1 person died and left before the end of rotation A

Rest of the group kept going till rotation C where I got knocked down due to poison but my character didn't die, instead I revived myself and same happened at around 40 minute mark where I again revived. If poison doesn't kill you in arbitrations and only knocks you down then ok.

At 50 minute mark, while we still had life support, at around 13% I think, the mission failed. At the results screen there were only two people the third party member wasn't visible. Now if that person got dropped they'd still appear on the results screen, unless they abandoned the mission but I'm pretty sure they didn't, we were at 50 mins.

Overall throughout the mission we had a lot of lag spikes. I once again checked my internet (traceroute & speed test) and it seems to work as intended.

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