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Revenant buff suggestions


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1. While in Danse Macabre, Mesmer Skin enthralls any enemy that damages Revenant. This would provide more indirect survivability while Rev dances around and create another avenue for enthralling enemies. At the moment, Mesmer Skin's enthrall potential is entirely wasted while Rev is in his ult, which seems like wasted potential especially because Rev could function as a "being in it's higher form" while ulted, rather than pseudo Mesa. I mean that he could have more of his abilities heightened while he's channeling his ult, not just Reave. He starts exuding all the excess eidolon energy, so why not?

2. Remove the added anti synergy where Danse Macabre explodes pillars created by Enthrall deaths. I think this is self explanatory; it discourages duration builds and forces playstyles that are Enthrall or Danse Macabre exclusive.  If anything, Danse should empower the pillers, increasing their damage and/or range, having them pulse out energy to nearby allies, or something positive.

3. Overshield drops from Danse scale with enemy health and shield or with Ability Strength. 50 per no matter what is pretty small and doesn't scale(ignoring how badly shield scales in general). The overshield drops could also just be changed to energy drops.

Not buff related, but having the pillars' projectile information displayed in the ability tooltip would be great. 

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