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Sanctuary Onslaught portal


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I've noticed in Sanctuary Onslaught (happened on Elite) sometimes when a round finishes and the portal opens if you are waiting to leave and then switch to operator after a few seconds it starts to teleport you right to the next round without even touching the portal at all, avoiding the screen effect.

It happened to me after the 23.10.7 update on Elite. I had a Rhino equipped with just a Pupacyst, was on round 2, two guys of my squad entered into the portal, i was waiting to leave and then switched to operator, I was like 10-15m from the portal so i wasnt even close to it. After i switched to operator mode the animations started to slow down (like when you touch the portal) but there was no screen blurry effect, then I just suddenly popped into the next round. I switched back to my warframe just to keep playing that extra round, but i wonder what would happened if my operator died.

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