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Potential drop bug


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Trying to get the Miter. what is the probability to complain about if i have calculated correctly its one in a million to not get the blade and Twin Gremlins on 33 runs. Either way its very annoying.

Drops received

Ceres/Exta (Assassination)
Miter Barrel 12
Miter Blade 0
Miter Handle 9
Miter Chassis 5
Miter Blueprint 7
Twin Gremlins Blueprint 0

Drop probabilities ass given

Ceres/Exta (Assassination)
Miter Barrel Uncommon (16.67%)
Miter Blade Uncommon (16.67%)
Miter Handle Uncommon (16.67%)
Miter Chassis Uncommon (16.67%)
Miter Blueprint Uncommon (16.67%)
Twin Gremlins Blueprint Uncommon (16.67%)


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Sll I can say is good luck, there are plenty of things broken and overlooked in warframe, drop rates being one of them.  I gave up looking for that bloody Miter handle a long time ago.

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