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Matzan481 Trinity Nightingale is now live.

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Il y a 5 heures, Atekron a dit :

for some reason I can't see any of those images, browser just didn't load them

The same happens for me. While waiting for the author to fix the link, try this : Open the image in a new tab. Look at the url and in the "i.imgur.com" part, remove the "i." it should than display the image.

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Kerberos-3:

Graxx 2.0? sorry for referencing Faven's popular line of skins, but this really does look a lot like a Graxx skin, especially with the lines on the Armor.

It is Grineer-aesthetic that actually gets referenced in the TennoGen style-guide, so any TennoGen creator should feel encouraged to work with those for a Grineer-themed skin. Faven did it first (?), and I actually own Faven's Graxx Nova and matching syandana, so I am a fan, but naturally, more creators get into TennoGen over time and thus, make skins matching one of the factions.

Talking about the skin itself, I already wrote via Twitter that I love it and hopefully it will work with Trinity Prime in terms of turning on/off prime parts. I've been using her deluxe for way too long now and would love to switch to this skin at some point.

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