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[NA][PC] Looking for a new clan


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I, and 2 friends are looking for a clan.  We were in a clan, but the drama was overwhelming.  We're all MR20+. Large clans and alliances are fine, as long as the politics of these do not interfere with playing the game.

What we desire is an active clan with all research complete.  When I say active, this means that there are people online often who are willing to run content.

In particular, we farm, hunt eidolons regularly, get ready for Fortuna, do Sorties and generally just have fun with the game.  But most importantly, NO drama.  If your clan meets these requirements, please PM me.

IGN: xxDrDoom

Platform: PC

Hours played: over 1500 between PS4 and PC.

MR: 23

We look forward to hearing from you.


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