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Is there inconsistencies for opening transmissions for Phorid Assassinations?


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From what I can recall, some mission transmissions the lotus ask us to investigate what happened to a missing tenno operative and in others she ominously say a rather horrible fate awaits us (as if she know about the Phorid). In another transmission the Lotus say avoid the shrieks while another is follow the shrieks to find it. I am paraphrasing from what I can recall so please let me know if I recall something incorrectly.

  Is there any explanations or theories for this? I am not complaining as this game is amazing.  I am just curious about this.


As a bonus is it just me or I hear the Phorid say "wagwan" for one of the audio.  Wagwan is a Jamaican greeting.

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AFAIK, the spy (Tenno Operative) went missing. The Lotus then call us, the Tenno to investigate the cause. When the Tenno go in, the Phorid recognize the Warframe (the reason is... a Spoiler... so I cannot tell you now) and roar. This make Lotus know that Phorid is the Target and tell us to be careful.

So basically...

- Tenno Operative went missing.
- Lotus Call us (Tenno) in to investigate.
- Phorid recognize the Warframe and roar throughout the map.
- Lotus hear the roar and recognize the Phorid, thus tell us about the Phorid.

But since mostly we come in and move very fast, we may miss the first Phorid roar before Lotus tell us about Phorid.

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