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I can't buy clan blueprints


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I have enough money(200 thousand)      a blueprint(15 thousand)   

My level 5   ,yesterday i was 5.  I went to the clan center today.I wanted to buy a clan blueprint(Flamers). But the system reminds me. I don't have enough money.

I asked other people if they had the same problem. but they told me "No, everything is normal."

I inquired the relevant information. There are no similar problems on the Internet. 

I can't speak English,These are translated by software. I don't know how to insert pictures.But I recorded the BUG video. 

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4 hours ago, Code_Flintlock said:

But I recorded the BUG video.

It is not a bug. This is what DE intended:


Initiates can no longer purchase/replicate Clan Research (contributing allowed). This prevents new recruits from joining and bailing once they have taken their fill of Research.

Update 23.10 Chimera.

Ask your clan leader for a promotion.

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8 hours ago, Code_Flintlock said:

i know ...but ..my dojo rank is 5,thanks

You might be looking at the wrong thing. (not 100% as there could be a language barrier)

  • Your Mastery is rank 5.

What you need to look at is your Clan Hierarchy. This bit:

Clans Rank and Roles

If your rank in here is "Initiate" (or second from the bottom) you cannot claim research.

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