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Think about the missions when you're fighting the Grineer and the Corpus join in. This faction could be a race that was awoken along with the Tenno. They could act like raiders, while the Tenno are operating in a system they could catch onto the Tenno movements are attack them somewhat like the Stalker does. 

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The Nemesis hypothesis:

That we have a binary brown or red dwarf star a tenth the mass of our star that orbits around us every 26 million years or so which disturbs asteroids/comets out of the Oort cloud causing periodic extinctions on earth.


This dark star could be its own mini solar system and home worlds of the sentients. Could be where Orokin and sentients finished their war. Whats left are splintered factions much like current Corpus and Grineer but of the remains of the fallen sentients. Likely fighting with each other or possibly looking at re-invading the Prime System.

Whats left of the Orokin could be found there. Maybe as Infested 2.0. Unlike the untreated plague of the Prime system, the Orokin purified it further giving themselves to it and not limited to a singular hive mind which allowed them to go beyond animalistic tendencies but use this new bio tech to become immortal. These "evolved" Orokin could be the main threat... (parallel to ori from stargate)

Oh god, think of a army of intelligent regenerators.... (Stalker *cough*)

The alien race acting as divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris, forcing the Orokin to turn themselves into the monsters they struggled against In desperation.


Tyche hypothesis:

A Gas giant larger than Jupiter is roaming the Oort cloud. The cause for minor continual flux of asteroids/comets out of the Oort cloud in a particular area.

Could be the original beachhead of the sentients into the Prime system and would be our gateway to the Dark star system.

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I don't even know much about the current factions, I'd hate for a new faction to be introduced without explaining more about the factions already in the game.

Play a bit longer and you'll get bored of them and wish for new enemies to cut in half.

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Alligator people wearing their own version of a Warframe.


   Can I report you for that offensive statement? Just cause I'm a Tenno with a little Xerosis and forgot to put on my lotion doesn't mean you get to call me an Alligator.... it hurts my feelings :'( especially when you noticed the weight I put on after eating all those Corpus during the weekend event! Don't look at me, I'm hideous!!!! :'(



   lol it made me giggle a bit


  But in all seriousness please visit your local doctor or dermatologist if you notice any dry skin or rough bumps that haven't gone away after a while.They will help you :D

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would love if DE add in Neutral Creeps as a faction... (wlid-life)


a planet where it doesn't belong to any faction as grineer/corpus/infested are fight for that map/planet. (3 way-fight, Tenno + one of the faction + neutral creep) like the Phobos.


make some wlid life boss, like some from monster hunter?

example: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Cephadrome <-- sand shark in a room filled with quick-sand that damages other non-sand creatures if stop moving. the tite-set can be re-used from the current Phobos, the boss room is similar to Jackal-boss room but desert format and filled with sands.


so far, all the bosses are either Grineer /Corpus/ Infested (orokin-mutated)  

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