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Character Stats Turn Negative Instead of Positive Once Equipe


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So these are issues that I've noticed about the bug:

1) The issues only effects Warframes, and Archwings; the level and whether mods are attached to a Warframe, or Archwing doesn't matter the bug will still persist.

2) The bug effects both Prime and Normal Warframes, I do not have a prime Archwing to test the issue but more then likely the bug would affect it.

3) The error persist whether "I" enter missions, a dojo, a relay, etc. (I've played a couple rounds in survival mobile defense to notice the bug will still persist. Also on a personal note there's nothing more exhilarating then playing survival mode with low HP and Shield, would be unique if DE could flip this bug around and turn it into a game mode, heck maybe even a game mode that subtracts health and shield on a tick basis that way more support classes can have the lime light for a little while.)

4) I've tried logging out and logging back in the issue still persist and does not reset.

5) As it seems weapons are affected although it's only noticeable once you're in game, at first the DPS was fine although now its the exact opposite. In other words the mods depict the correct stats however the damage drops dramatically depending on the type of weapon that includes archwing weapons as well. with a Vectis Prime however you can still almost one shot things though XD.

Here are four examples:

Chroma: Prime


Nova: Prime


Trinity: Prime







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So for #5 I would like to make a correction the DPS drop are for all weapons in game although the bug doesn't seem to affect abilities, or maybe it does haven't been able to get to extremely high areas although the abilities seem to be doing quite well, even obtained a few top kill scores of 200+. So I'm not really sure if the abilities are affected.

Also here is a comparison between the stats of Nova Prime (0) and the Nova prime (Max) no mods attached.


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6) The issue only effects the health and shield on a Warframe and Archwings, and weapon DPS are only affected once on a mission.

7) I would like to make a correction to my previous post above the abilities for the character do not seem to be hindered in anyway by the bug.


Here is another example using Saryn Prime.


These are the mods that I currently have on the character.








8. So the bug has no effect when I enter the Halloween event.


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This isn't a bug, you seem to have bleeding and decaying dragon keys on, which reduce your health and shields by 75% respectively. Check your gear menu and take them off, they also appear as a debuff icon when you enter a mission to let you know you have them equipped.

To further clarify, when you're viewing a frame or weapon you want to equip in the arsenal, it always shows the base stats first until you equip it, then it will show you the total stats with ranks/mods and such after you equip it. This includes dragon keys, which also show up when viewing the "total" stats of a frame or weapon after it's equipped.

For example, with Trinity primes' shields, at rank 30 she has 450 total shields (not base), if you reduce it by 75% (decaying dragon key), it becomes 112.5, rounded down to 112.

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