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[Warframe Concept] Mikula - slavic epos inspired warframe


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Before i start, please sorry for my english 😂

There is so much slavic names on global map - Tolstoj, Stribog, Berehynia, Rusalka, etc.

and we have some warframes that share not only asian themes.

Inaros - Egypt.

Oberon, Excalibure - England.

Valkyrie - Vikings.

Wukong - China.


Aaaand we have one slavic themed weapon - Sibear. (off-topic: I'm from siberia, lol)
So...slavic warframe, why not?

I have an concept of warframe that deeply inspired by slavic mythos\epos of pre- and post- christianization.
To shape the concept in monlith form, i will also propose an obtaining quest concept.

Name: Mikula

Warframe concept:

Mikula is peaceful but partly broken thing. In cause of uncompleted and not properly computed idea, his abilities uses his own health instead of energy. It's shy like a sheep but physically strong.
Mikula uses Concentration mechaincs to wield heavy weapons like galatin, gram, fragor, etc with more than double effectiveness and additional effects like throw back, bleed etc., and uses his blood to complete overwhelming attacks.

Gameplay ideas\Roles:
Mikula can be good party warframe with healers\buffers to keep him alive and effective. The main roles is damage-dealer\off-tank.

Story concept:

Mikula was created to defeat the unknown enemy from Tau system long time ago. But during the dusk of Orokin Empire something goes wrong, and cephalon that controls a lab set block on all systems and burrowed this complex under the polar capes of Earth. Now Mikula is dreaming under the ancient songs of his cephalon, deep in the polar caves, and awaits right time to make his first and last objective complete.

The chtonic beast (genetically clear) makes Mikula's "grave" his own home, and defend the entrance from grineer scouts and curios Tenno.

Obtaining quest:

Keypoints -

1) Ordis tell to operator about strange songs that he hears through the cosmic radiation

2) Signal leads to the grineer camp on polar area. Cephalon of underworld complex asks for help against grineer.

3) When grineer reinforcement arrive you must fight trough before the gates of underworld complex will close.

4) With help of underworld cephalon find the grave and defeat the beast (Blueprint) (Cephalon of Underworld dies(or not?))

5) Another 3 beasts defends Chassis, System, Neurooptics


1) Plowshare - Huge blow that uses Mikula's blood to extract thoughts and dreams of the enemies when they dying. It drops in form of energy and health balls.

2) Epos - Mikula start to ineptly sing the ancient songs that he hears from underworld cephalon. When Mikula attack during Epos - his attacks disables all robots around small area and increases melee damage bonus for each disabled. Costs some health.

3) Wet soil - spill some blood to attract enemies around to Mikula. Each attracted enemy increases melee damage bonus.

4) Land guardian - Destructive move-set (4 attacks) that destroy random robots each hit and at least one mindful battalist\conculist. Each destroyed boosts melee damage bonus.

Passive: Change Concentration to Underworld Concentration with increased damage and additional effects based on Abyss.


Health: 300

Shield: 25

Shield regeneration: 5

Energy: 100

Armor: 250

Sprint: 1.2




So that's main ideas and it open to discuss. If u like the idea, and after some discussion !!i can hire an artist!! to complete the visual style of the Mikula.

Thanks for attention!

- With all regards since 2014 - A random siberian Tenno.




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9 hours ago, Trenggiling said:

I posted a link in my first comment, but since I have only ever drawn 1 warframe before I'll just drag his picture over here.


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U have nice idea too!)

Gambling is very fun mechanics sometimes!

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