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Lighting issue


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I am sure you are aware of this, that with the Arbitration/Chimera update came the lighting bug...which is still not fixed, despite the hotfixes. Fortuna is launching next week (according to you). Are you truly going to ship it with the lighting issues?

I can overlook some of the annoying bugs, but if you just keep on making and tweaking new effects (like Garuda's) and not fixing the old ones...it starts annoy quite quickly. Especially when you try to even do some basic coloring on whatever item.

And some other general notes: Some of the bugs we occasionally encounter have been in the game for years. One example which has been in the game since the kuva survival mission was introduced, is the bug that happens at the end of the mission. Completed, you're going back to orbiter, except screen goes black and it does not load, then you realize you can hear your melee weapon swinging sounds if you press the melee button and soon you're back in the mission for whatever reason and even bringing up the menu and aborting the mission doesn't work, thank you sir, you get nothing.

Bugs like these, whether more or less serious, are aplenty in the game. Generally they do not bother...but if you keep piling up enough sand, it will eventually become a boulder. To me, that was the lighting issue and honestly, I am worried at how much time it will take before someone actually fixes it. Because you'll be busy with hotfixing Arbitrations and Fortuna...and then on to the next thing...hopefully not too fast. It's not a gamebreaking bug no...but the fact that it makes itself aware that it's there every time you walk in your orbiter, is starting to be annoying.

And all of these annoying small and bigger bugs, could simply be solved if you just hired at least 2 people, who's only job would be to search and fix the bugs. Bet even one person hired for that job could do wonders in a month.

I hope 2019 will be a year where you focus on fixing the major issues and (I know it's a vague hope) perhaps Trade chat 2.0.


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