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[Suggestion] Displaying the total number of relics


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Hi, I'm french and use google trad with my reworks to translate. So if my sentences seem strange, I apologize.

Arguments :

- With Elite Sanctuary Onslaught missions, it is possible to have a lot of Radiant relics and in some cases only Radiant variants of a relic model.

- During group / member searches, players often ask for Radiant Relic.

- By clicking on the announcement tchat link, example: "Recruits for [Relic Meso T3] Rad 2/4.", the system only displays the Intact relics, ignoring the other variants.

Suggestion :

I would like the system to report the total number of relics, not just the intact ones, so it's easier to respond to the announcements without going back and forth to the relic module to check what you have.

Example :


In this picture, I have :
- 0 Relics Intact
- 1 Exceptional Relics
- 0 Flawless Relics
- 9 Radiant Relics

Having 0 Intact, the system seems to tell me that I do not have this relic. Which is wrong.
With a display as in the example, that should only require a few lines of code, we could know the actual amount of relics we have.

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