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6 minutes ago, Shadow-Spawn said:

Ranking up a "Mote Amp" does not earn you any Mastery XP.


Have you "Gilded" the mote amp?

"The Mote Amp and custom assembled Amps provide Mastery Rank points like other weapons, but these are only awarded for gilded Amps and the points are tied to the weapon's Prism."


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One step forward, and three back.


So, the lighting and shading engines seem to be off.  To demonstrate, go to any relay that isn't at earth.  Load in, and run around.  No lighting issues.  Fast travel to Cephalon Simaris, then walk onto the main concourse.  Everything stays dark.  Fast travel back to anywhere else, and the engine resets.  Likewise, if you use a dark color for lights in the dojo, then walk into a brighter room, it's like staring into a solar flare.  At least the doors aren't an amorphous white blob anymore.

Arbitrations are still not worth it.  The fix to Ancients making the drones functionally invincible was nice, but it highlights the fundamental issue.  You make bullet sponge enemies with broken scaling, then hides "rewards" behind a grind wall.  That's not endgame, it's frustration concentrate.

Speaking of which, cautious shot is garbage.  I've seen bombards shoot a missile at me point blank, with no cost.  On the opposite end their missiles track, have through walls AoE, and can literally spin around you on a large tile set.  Conversely, the Ogris and Penta are hot garbage.  I say this despite liking the Secura Penta.  I don't get it.  Chroma was nerfed because controlled self damage made it a tank.  Self damage only works on a warframe.  If you negate self damage, you can put Chroma back and make launchers viable again.  It's literally making a problem, changing things without understanding them, and patching over the even bigger flaws by manufacturing a new mod.  

Let's end with the mods.  Power Donation is fringe good.  If you have multiple people behind it, the success is a nominal growth.  Cautious Shot is a testament to broken systems, in that 10% of the tens of thousand of damage is still instant death.  None of this even touches on the dud that is launches, Could we just have s good weapon?  We need to waste mod space to make the weapon slightly less likely to self kill.  And you thought "necessary" mods for weapons was a fix.  Sigh, at least there's bext time

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