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Bizness (Fortuna)


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Can't say I am impressed the head animations of Biz in his video communiqué... 

Really? A repetitive cycle of "boing boing, wing wing" "boing boing, wing wing" of head swings and bobs, that utterly lacks any gesture. Lotus animations get away with it because most of her mission directives are on the periphery.  A lot of time is lavished on stance moves... but everything else is very rudimentary.

I am afraid the mechanical heads perched on top of organic bodies just is weird from an engagement and imagry perspective. Augs may be needed for survival, but the gesture of robot heads and torsos carried by organic arms and legs runs roughshod over sense. The imagery is that the peripheral is important, but the central (the mind or heart) are readily replaceable.

And the tax man comes to rip them out, but NPCs treat the act like a car or tv repo. How does this work? A headless or torso-less body is either dead or dismembered limbs. That's something different than a repo. It's an execution.

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