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STATICOR 8m AOE and goes through walls HAS TO BE UNINTENDED BUG


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I don't care what the patch notes say, this HAS to be a bug.

DE nerfed the living hell out of Synoid Simulor (also 8m) and that had way lower fire rate and magazine size than Staticor.

Then they nerfed ranged melees with Primed Reach not going through walls in order to stop people room clearing through the walls.


This has to be a bug, it contradicts all other previous changes by DE, unless these changes are being made arbitrarily.

Also, I think we need a response on whether will or will not be changed before people commit Eidolon Lenses and Forma to this weapon.

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It’s no better than the Ignis, and that’s running free


   Staricir is semi auto, low fire rate, slow projectile time and MR10 weapon, plus it doesn’t scale well late game and it’s bad against infested due to rad dmg. these balance out the weapon imo

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