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Daehmon Sentient Horns Concept + Questions


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well, i've decided to try to do some Tennogen, and i'll start with some operators accesories because i thinks they are the easiest?, i do know a little something about 3D design, i've used to do some "house and apartments models and stants for display" , but i learned a little of zbrush at collegue, and yeah, i have this idea


i have a question: can i do a custom model for these? to later give them the texture and all that on Zbrush, do someone knows?

Thanks in advance ❤️


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hace 16 horas, Swaggernaut64 dijo:

Hey, great concept so far!, looks really good, and yes you can do a custom model for operator accessories, as long as they fit within the boundaries outlined here: https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=operator-accessories


some days ago i managed to model them, but i've couldn't continue due that my zbrush kinda broke, now i've re-installed it, so i'm keep going!



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