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Bug hunting on the Eidolon Plains.


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    Good morning, sir, I've come to report a bug that harmed me in a level 5 hunt on Cetus, I'll explain.
It all started after I completed the 1/5 hunt, when the 2/5 hunt was released I realized I had two target route icons, one was the 2/5 hunt, and the other was a stranger leading up to the gate to going back to Cetus, I ignored him and kept on quietly.

But when it came to the 3/5 hunt that was: Sabote the Grinner supply lines, this icon was still buggy, but there was a problem in which I did a lot of damage in the game, on this mission I have to kill Grinner's soldiers who are in the region of but I did not receive any notification from Lutos in which she would warn me that I had a mob with the remote control to call the three boxes of supplies, in summary the purpose of that hunt is that.

     Then I began to think and suspected it was the hunt in which I have to search for three Grinner's deposits and destroy them, but this is another hunt on the Eidolon Plains. In the end I conclude that the hunt suffered a bug and that presumably correlated with the first destination path icon bug that was directed to the gate.

Without any solution I decided to go back to Cetus with the unfinished hunt completely, but when I arrived at Cetus I noticed that the icon was still bugged even though I was in Cetus, I returned to orbit in my ship and the icon had cleared.

In conclusion, I have decided to send this notification to you. I will send prints to improve their respective investigations, the prints are in my Portuguese language because I did not know that the bug reports were intended exclusively for the forum, otherwise I would have written in English and I hope this does not interfere, it is worth mentioning that I I'm not sure if this bug is already known by the community.

Thank you for your attention and have a good day.

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