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Can you make some skins universal within their weapon class?


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I really love my Rakta Cernos but sadly I love the Paris Abra Skin which only applies to Paris.
I like my Vaykor Sydon but the Orthos Tekelu Skin looks so good.
And I adore the Teng Dagger skin and would like to see them on the dual daggers too.

Many weapon skins are only equipable on very specific weapons. However it should be easily doable to transfer them to weapons of the same or similar classes. This would probably also increase the amount of platinum spent on these skins if you can use them on more weapons.

DE, can you make it happen?

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8 hours ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

Based on the fact that the differentn weapons use the same base-animation sets and thus can be molded onto other weapons of the same type.

Pretending to know the difficulty of a change to the game just makes the idea seem a lot worse than just asking for what you want and not telling the devs that their job must be much easier than they know it to be.

That being said, the skins are already done. X time has been spent on them and they were released. They've moved on to other projects. To then go back and spend more time is a tall order for potentially no additional sales.

Melee weapons might be easy to do, at least within the same class. I don't think you would see Polearms and Staves have access to the same skins.

Primary and Secondary weapons pose a problem where a skin might only have the animations and the same general active points necessary for a given weapon and can't be generalized to others in their class even though it is similar, but not close enough that people wouldn't notice things being ejected from solid parts of the skin and clips appearing from nowhere.

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