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Inspired By "Bath's" Featured Dojos - My Own Dragon


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Hello folks, first post...ever >~<" I'm not familiar with the format (Also X-post from reddit) 


Tried my hand at decorating my Dojo after returning to the game from a 3 year "break", so I started a new account for good measure. I created a solo Dojo and looked on Youtube for some inspiration, that was when I found 'Bath's video and got in touch with the builder to see what faction pieces he used (vast majority was Orokin) and created my own dragon.

Lo' and behold, bath's Dojo was featured 3 days later and allowed me to take a closer look (sigh). Most of the dragon's head was heavily improvised because the sheer size of the decoration casted a massive shadow over the underside of the head and underbelly (Finished the head before the feature). As well as with the arms and legs, they're all had to be improvised. I also took issue with the eye because I had no clue how to form the same eye, so I made one myself using the orokin light screen and squeezed several shapes in. I had suspected that you can dye some decoration based on the color of this specific dojo room, I still dont know to this day and I have no dyes in my dojo at this moment to try experimenting. As you can tell, its NO WHERE near as tidy and grand as Bath's.

I used my phone to take a photo of my Dojo and used the pen to make a rough draft. Merely some lights and a circle for the head. (Pic not includes)

I wanted it to be more dynamic, as if moving, just like the traditional Chinese dragon (I used 4 claws instead of 5) which has this flailing motion to it with a ball of fire at it's center. This is why I had the legs in a running motion. One of the hand is gripping onto one of the pillars, unintentionally, I ran out of space and had to pop it's shoulder bone to even fit the arm. Lesson learned: Do the parts that is more complex and given less space in order to find out how large the arms and hands should be, instead of doing the one with the most room first. Let the right parts dictate the flow of it.

I had some issued with building this, such as some part snapping to other pieces despite turning it off, some pieces smoothing over and out due to the angle I held the decoration camera at and some pieces only being able to rotate at their corner rather then the center of the piece (c'mon DE :[ ). I've also learned some of my mistakes a little too late. Some pieces are considered a solid piece, as in it can no longer be meld together with other pieces once you had contributed to it, i had to take it apart multiple times. Hell, it actually blocked the camera from getting into the mouth to do some dental work...

At other times, the body we're way too thick the closer I got to the ground level, which would have prevent any movement short of crouching.

None of this is the finished product and I ran out of resources trying to contribute to this alone. Blue colored items represents contributed pieces and yellow [not gold] are there as placeholders until I can farm enough items. Im currently short 200+ morphics and its prob going to take me a month to farm that...so yeah... here we are ...

But nonetheless, I decided to post it here before the whole featured Dojo tab went away !!! This took me roughly 35 hours to piece together, not including the construction time (24 hours per piece). If there is any suggestions or criticism, please post them, especially with how the room should be themed around it. This was a real learning process and I hope your guys see some of the mistakes I made and be inspired by this rookie to add some flair to your Dojo ~

My IGN is CrimsonMaw

Dojo is Unwashed Gunsmiths (currently occupied by me and my MR1 friend who went on for like 10 hours)

Feel free to hit me up in game with any questions :) !

Here are my progress pics : https://imgur.com/a/CAaO9ae


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