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New Corpus Plasma Rifle (Vigorous Swap)


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How about a new Corpus Plasma Rifle (like Dera) that has

2 magazines with 200 shot capacity each magazine, which the

magazine slowly recharges (like the flux rifle) as the other magazine is in use

fast .5 sec switch for magazine swap speed (unmodifiable, for animation) (not ammo recharge rate) 

Magazine not in use is only 1 that gets recharged

(On equip) the first spent magazine auto swaps to second magazine (no matter the ammo) then swaps to pistol. If no pistol equipped then Melee, unarmed..

It would work well with [Vigorous Swap]. And has 

a secondary beam shot (like Opticor)

Secondary beam AOE on hit like Staticor/Corinth (not self damage) (can do multiple AOE within punch thru range).

secondary shot has a higher magazine cost

Primary shot is high damage Status build capable of 100% Status

Secondary shot is a mid damage Crit build capable of 100% Crit

Make it capable of having 100% status primary and 100% Crit secondary builds

Have it Impact dominant with the potential of becoming Puncture or Slash dominant via Puncture or Slash mods with innate Electric Damage which can also be modified as Corrosive, Magnetic or Radiation

Have it look like a Gatling gun, small barrels that rotate for high fire rate primary shot, that surround a large barrel that still rotate when firing the Canon beam secondary shot when used. Also have a reactor (for looks) on the gun that recharges the magazines

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