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Frost Globe UI glitch


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occasionally my frost's snowglobe UI buggs and just shows 1, and sometimes upon recast inside it it goes up to 2, 4, 5. havent quite figured out the pattern as to why/how the numbers perceive themselves to increase like that, but anyway...

started recording my game when i play Frost anymore, cuz i've had this happen alot. Even though hes one of my favorite frames, i barely play him anymore partially due to this.
i uploaded the vid to Youtube, so lets hope this helps.

just after the 2 min mark is where it first happens, and just before the 6 min mark for my second attempt to get it to show, with a diff bubble in a different place.

(sorry for the odd noise, dont record much and it wasnt supposed to be recording my mic, but i think it Did... its a wierd background noise possibly caused by my fan, and then the clacking of my keyboard, which isnt even that loud xD)

but yea, it seems to happen at random, it happened with my first, and 3rd globes cast.
i cast it again inside my first globe to see if that fixes/furthers the bug and it fixed it there untill i recast it around 6min in.

please let me know if you need anything, i can easily add more when needed~

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